About us

An award-winning team of professional Landscape Designers, Graphic and Digital Marketers will ensure your project is in the best possible hands. With a passion for 3D modeling, design, and style, we will ensure each and every project is created with a surreal quality.


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Architectural design

Rendering any size building to photorealistic detail and accuracy, custom lighting, texturing, and animation.


Any size, location,  style, and season, we will create beautifully detailed landscape renders.

interior design

Custom lighting, texturing and object modelling; we create realistic and accurate interiors.


From company branding and logo design to sales and marketing brochures, as well as digital marketing strategies.


3D Rendering

We focus on bringing you the very best in interior and exterior rendering. Using a combination of software and editing tools, we ensure a world-class and effortless design experience.

Landscape Design

Our team consists of two world-class landscape designers. With multiple internationally recognized awards for our designs, we create functional and sophisticated landscapes. 


Residential and Commercial architectural design, technical planning, and spatial planning. This includes layouts, technical planning, and detailing, as well as interior architectural drawing.


Any project is pointless if it cannot be marketed effectively. Should you require marketing solutions, we have a highly experienced digital marketer on the team. With a master’s degree in marketing, your message will be guaranteed to reach your target market with his expertise.

Graphic design

Post-render editing and branding fall under our range of expertise. Whether you are looking for brand, logo, brochure, or sales packaging design, UD Design studio is the one-stop-shop for all of your design needs.


From new or existing website development to sales and E-Commerce websites, we can do it all. We incorporate personalized graphic design elements to ensure a unique and memorable online presence.



Our head office is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, our services are globally accessible. By using online platforms and services, we cater to a global community of Architects, Landscapers, Developers and Realtors.

who is our target market....

We offer our services to any developer, architect, landscaper, interior designer or realtor. We have expanded our offered services to cater for all types of clients and brands, so even if you do not fall within those categories, we will evolve our offerings accordingly. No project is too big or too small for us to handle and we will ensure the best possible results for each client.

How long does it take...

The size and complexity of the project will determine the time frame in which we can complete the project. Once the brief has been completed, we will provide a realistic timeline for the completion of the project.  Should there be applied deadlines we can guarantee timeous work and transparent communication throughout the project.

What do we need...

To complete a project we need as much detail from you as possible. By giving us a comprehensive brief, you can equip us with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively complete any project. We will request all of your plans, possible texture and material examples as well as all relevant information about the project in order for us to bring your dream to life.

What about revisions...

We base each project on the information supplied and we are always happy to amend and edit where necessary. Additional costs will however be applied when major structural and design changes are required and requested. This is why we ensure a thorough consultation is done at the beginning to not waste your time and resources throughout the project.

What costs are involved...

A fully comprehensive and transparent quote is supplied for every project before commencement. This quote is based on the size and complexity of the project itself and will detail each step of the process and associated costs.